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The­ta­land™ is a pro­fes­sio­nal tool for edu­ca­ti­on, coa­ching, and faci­li­ta­ti­on. It is app­li­ca­ble whe­re­ver thought is creative.

In edu­ca­tio­nal con­texts, you can use The­ta­land™ as a method for gai­ning deeper under­stan­ding of sub­ject mat­ter and for self-reflec­tion. In the con­text of coun­se­ling and coa­ching, you can app­ly it for pro­fes­sio­nal pro­filing, for the expli­ca­ti­on of per­so­nal expe­ri­ence in a spe­ci­fic field of prac­ti­ce, and for the for­mu­la­ti­on of an authen­tic lea­ders­hip con­cept or a self-employ­ment con­cept. As a mode­ra­ti­on tool, The­ta­land™ opens up a crea­ti­ve space for in-depth and topic-ori­en­ted inter­ac­tion with yourself and with others. The­ta­land™ opens ways to sol­ve com­plex pro­blems in all the­se cases. The­ta­land™ can also be play­ed just for fun and to enjoy thin­king. The The­ta­land ™ Tool­kit is your cen­tral tool for working with indi­vi­du­als and groups. It con­tains the fol­lowing com­pon­ents as basic equipment:

  • Tool­kit manual
  • Pro­lo­gue and 12 dwel­lings (»The­ta­land™ hexa­gons«) + 12 x 24 ques­ti­on cards
  • Sinn-Bil­der® are pic­tu­re cards that help to accu­rate­ly expli­ca­te vague expe­ri­en­cing. In the the­ta­land™ dwel­ling »With the Elves« a spe­ci­fic The­ta­land™ vari­ant of 30 cards is integrated.
  • 3 color dices in a litt­le bag
  • Sti­cker
  • Mate­ri­al of the hexa­gons: colo­red prin­ted card­board, 3mm thickness
  • Box mate­ri­al: Simp­le box made of white cardboard
  • Optio­nal: The­ta­land™ – Dis­play (medi­um), The con­tent holds 24x12 ques­ti­on cards and 30 pic­tu­re cards.
  • This tool­kit can be adap­ted spe­ci­fi­cal­ly to your needs. For more infor­ma­ti­on click here.

More Infor­ma­ti­on: www​.the​ta​land​.net

The­ta­land ™ is manu­fac­tu­red in clo­se coö­pe­ra­ti­on with the “Neigh­bor Wen­zel” initia­ti­ve of the Erthal Sozi­al­werk. With your purcha­se you sup­port the pro­ject for the sta­bi­liz­a­ti­on and fur­ther deve­lo­p­ment of peop­le who are unab­le to work due to their men­tal illness.

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